Who am i?

Hi fellow citizen,
i think the most of you already noticed that english isn’t my native language, so try to forgive the mistakes i have in my content. I hope in the near futur i m able to improve my grammar : ).

I backed star citizen in the first quartal of 2016, back then i didn’t really understand what i got involved with. But today i m happy to support this giant project. Until now i played about 10h, thats nothing in comparsion to a lot of my other games. But thats not the point of backing a game in a pre-alpha phase. I spent hundreds of hours on the forums and dev-update videos. If you are interested in how game development works, you get a unique opportunity with Star Citizen.

Why did i start this website?

Finding tons of informations about Star Citizen is really easy, but especially for newcomer its often hard to get the overall vision behind the project or finding easy understandable articles. I tried to explain a lot of people on 9gag, forums and reallife this game and the most times they didn’t got really what i m talking about. So i decided to gather the most important informations and put them on my own website.