Released content

Arena Commander:
Join with your own ship into a deathmatch against other players or fly together to fight the vanduuls in a coop match. By earning REC (special credits) you are able to rent weapons and ships.

Star Marine:
The first person shooter module is actual on a very basic level available. It got released with the last patch and at the moment it just contain two simple gamemodes, four different weapons and grenades. The next patches will focus on improvements for Star Marine.

Mini Universe:
Is the first version of the coming giant universe. Start at one of the two spacestations Port Olisar or Grim Hex (Criminals) and feel free to explore them. You can also earn alpha-UEC (this currency will be wiped during the alpha and beta) through some simple missions and spend them to buy FPS weapons, armor and clothing.

Welcome to your first step into the Star Citizen universe! With this early release you will be able to walk around your ship for the very first time. Your Hangar will evolve to become your home base as Star Citizen comes together.


Please dont forget that we are still in a alpha. You will experience bugs, errors and unbalanced situations. Stay calm and try to enjoy the already available content.