I want to be a Star Citizen. what should i do know?

go to the offical robertsspaceindustries.com website and register your account for free. You would support me  if you follow this link:

Star Citizen Register Site

or use this referral code:


And the best is you get 5000 UEC ingame credits for free (worth ~ 5$)

then choose a game package from this site:

Game Packages

All packages contain star citizen. But be careful only 2 packages coming with Squadron 42. I would recommend to buy one of them. Because you only pay 15 $ more to get a second standalone game, but this is clearly your decision.

The two starter ships Mustang and Aurora are the cheapest way to get into Star Citizen. The mustang is the faster one and should be the better fighter and the aurora is the better allrounder (more cargo, has a bed…).

You also have the option to upgrade your existing ship to a bigger one on this site

Ship Upgrade


Why are the other ships so expensive?

It’s important to understand that you don’t give your money to CIG to buy a ship, instead you support the development and get the ship as a thanks. When the game is released we won’t buy ships with real money, we can buy every ship with the ingame currency (UEC)