Interview with Erin Roberts


i found a interesting article about erin roberts (brother of the owner of cloud imperium games and the leader of the studio in the UK). In my opinion Erin is a little bit more trustworthy than Chris when we speak about development progress.

You can read the full interview here: Click Me

Short version:

  • Erin won’t give dates about 3.0 because there is still a lot of schedule work at the beginning of the year. But we will see 2-3 big content releases with more locations, gameplay and content.
  • They work at a job system which will give you the possibility to request fuel when your tank is empty for a reward x or looking for a escort. But all of this job systems are much easier to programm than the core stuff like procedural technic.
  • „Object containers, all they do is say “something is here” and then as you get closer to them, they say “OK, you’re getting closer, now I need to load” and it could be layers like just external stuff you can see initially and then internal stuff. Right now what we’re working on is the intelligence for when things stream in which is what we need for the next big release. Once we have that, core tech is basically done and then it’s about layering on a bunch of very cool gameplay.
    So with the next big release a lot of the underlying game is there and then we can look at transferring people between servers so we can have hundreds of thousands of people maybe in one instance, but that doesn’t come online until later.“
  • The framerates in Starmarines are fine and this is because not all data is streamed to the client. The expecations for the PU are the same framerates after they implemented the needed technology for less data streamed informations.
  • Ingame progression will need time. Big Multicrew ships will need a group of people to run and contribute them.
  • Its hard to manage a project with this size. They are building like 4 or 5 games in terms of technology, company etc. But things like the ship-pipeline work very accurate after 2 years.

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