Your content was interesting but i need more detailed informations about Star Citizen

I won’t go into more detail at my website to keep it simple and understandable. But i suggest you the follow:

If you have specific questions, feel free to ask in the Official Forum. To start a discussion go to the General Chat subforum and for simple questions take Questions & Answers.

You can find the official dev-updates under the Comm Link. Every wednesday we get a lore update, i really like them. And every thursday the video format „Around the Verse“ inform us about a specific piece of development and focus on one of the studios.

If you prefer videos i would recommend BoredGamer and the official Star Citizen Youtube

Furthermore if you speak german like me, StarCitizenBase translate every Comm-Link update and the equivalent to BoredGamer would be angryBOT for the germans. The most popular german youtubers should be CrashAcademy, but i prefer angryBOT because CrashAcademy is in my opinion not sceptical enough, but still a good channel.