Star Citizen

Star Citizen is the multiplayer part of the project. It is a MMO Space Simulator with a player influenced economy. The world or better the universe will contain about 100 star systems with about 400 different planets, everyone will be unique and get his own story, POI (like spacestations, groundstations, citys…), environment and risks. Have a look at the Starmap to get a overview about the verse and the planets.

But we won’t be alone, we are at war with the aggressive vanduul alien race and in peace with our trading partner the banus. The Xi’ans are the third race, we arent friends, but neither enemys. At release only the humans are avaible, perhaps this will change later with upcoming addons or patches.
Star Citizen won’t force you to do anything specific, you are free to do what you want. The only expecation from this rule will be, that everyone try to survive. The death of your citizen will be punishing. You won’t lose your ships or money, but you have to create a new character and your relations to trading- and mission-npc will suffer.
The most players will focus on making money for buying new ships or equipment for their old one. We will be able to change the weapons, tweak shield generator and thruster for more power and power consumption, add a scanner or a science module to the ship and much more.


All of this professions and more will be in the game. If you want to know more, read the linked design posts from the official website.
Not every ship is able to work as a medical station and that a figther ship won’t be the best cargo hauler should be obvious. So you should start a career your ship is cabable to do.

If you favor a safer playstyle you should be happy on a high security star system with hauling cargo from one planet to the other. If you prefer action and high risk, high reward you should feel comfortable at escorting a mining ship in the space near the vanduuls or bounty hunting some of the evil guys in the verse. This will earn you more money but the chances are also higher that you lose your ship. Better insurance your property before leaving the landingzone.